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International Profoot Service SA, is a company that operates in football worldwide with the prospect of taking care of the interests of football players, through dedicated activities of assistance, consulting and intermediation. Born in 2014 from the many years of experience in football by Vincenzo Morabito.

Vincenzo Morabito, through his university studies and various stays abroad, he acquired the knowledge of seven languages, which then allowed him to operate internationally. After becoming the team manager of IFK Göteborg from 1987 to 1989, began his activity as a football agent and completed his first transfer of a player in 1989. Later, together with Vinicio Fioranelli, he founded FIMO Sport, they transferred many players worldwide.

He is one of the first agents in the world to be licensed as a FIFA agent in 1995.

In 1996 he founded together with Dennis Roach and Rob Jansen, the International Association of Football Agents (IAFA), the world’s first association of agents, of which he becomes vice president.

In 2001 he created the First Artist PLC, which is the first company of agents listed on the London Stock Exchange. For 10 years it was the largest agency in the world.

In the English capital there was the head office of the company which had representative offices in Milan, Copenhagen and New York. In his career he has represented and worked with many Italian and foreign players such as Brian Laudrup, Materazzi, Stankovic, Gullit, Zola, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Ljungberg.. and many others.

In the International Profoot Service, he deals mainly with relations between clubs and he act has intermediary for the players transfers, while his associate are more focused on the scouting and the management of the players.

In 2019, two professionals already known in the world of football joined the International Profoot Service: Matteo Materazzi and Luca Antonini.

Matteo Materazzi played football at the age of 24, and then began his career as an agent. He is the son of Giuseppe Materazzi, who first played as a footballer, and then became a coach at great levels. His brother is Marco Materazzi, world champion in 2006. Matteo Materazzi had in the past also professional career there are also experiences as a club director (Siena Calcio) and in the sponsorship area. Matteo is a registered agent at the Italian FA.

Luca Antonini, who has an important past as a footballer, began his career in the youth academy of AC Milan and then he become a player of the first-team. With AC Milan he won one Championship and one Italian Super Cup, after he left AC Milan he continued his career in other clubs. After having played a hundred games in Serie A, also collecting many appearances in the various European Cups, he chose to retire at the age of 34. He decided then to stay in the football environment by acquiring the license of UEFA B to work in the youth academy, then embarking on a career as a football agent.

To characterize the International Profoot Service there are Experience and Reputation that are the best resource for this particular activity, which gives access to clubs to propose new business. In recent years has developed a strong presence on the market as an agent representative of the clubs, including: FCB Barcelona, Juventus, Milan, West Ham, Real Madrid, Inter, Lazio and Chelsea.. and many more.

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Isabella Morabito

Company Assistant

Stefano Valentini

Fifa Match Agent

Matteo Materazzi

Fifa Player Agent

Luca Antonini

Fifa Player Agent

Vincenzo Morabito

Fifa Player Agent


The activities of the International Profoot Service are not limited to the simple transfer of a player to a club, but are committed to provide legal assistance, contacts with sponsors and all the necessary support regarding logistics. The main goal of the company is to provide international services to professional football players and clubs. In addition, we are also happy to assist and guide the family of the young player, in order to provide the best guidelines for his football career.



We take care of the interests of the players during their career through assistance activities, from the phase of negotiation and drafting of the contract to their insertion in the club.



Our role is to mediate transfers of footballers between clubs, providing legal, sports and commercial assistance to our clients.



We carry out scouting activities worldwide, providing market consulting to professional football clubs.



We provide assistance to our customers in advertising (sponsorship) both in the tax, financial and insurance fields. We do also care to provide the best way to promote our clients image.




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